Sunday, April 7, 2013

Easter Promise

From the Bible:

"He will swallow up death in victory; and the Lord God  will wipe away tears from off all faces." (Isaiah 25:8)

From the Book of Mormon:

"And if Christ had not risen from the dead, or have broken the bands of death that the grave should have no victory, and that death should have no sting, there could have been no resurrection. But there is a resurrection, therefore the grave hath no victory, and the sting of death is swallowed up in Christ." (Mosiah 16:7-8)

"The spirit and the body will be reunited. We shall see each other in the flesh. We will know each other and enjoy each other’s society throughout the endless ages of eternity, if we keep the law of God. . . . What a glorious thought it is . . . that those from whom we have to part here, we will meet again and see as they are. We will meet the same identical being that we associated with here in the flesh—not some other soul, some other being, or the same being in some other form, but the same identity and the same form and likeness, the same person we knew and were associated with in our mortal existence. . . Deformity will be removed; defects will be eliminated, and men and women shall attain to the perfection of their spirits, to the perfection that God designed in the beginning." (Teachings of the Presidents of the Church: Joseph F. Smith, p 91)